Gorgeous Unity Sand Sets

The Dream Wedding Shop is passionate about adding a special touch to wedding days. Couples in New York City and beyond love the exciting accent that our unity ceremony sets add to their big day.

Symbolize Your Love & Togetherness

Every couple wants their wedding to be one of a kind. Our glass and sand unity ceremony sets are the perfect alternative to the standard candle ceremony and are a truly exciting way to make your wedding unique and memorable. We provide you with the fully customizable glass block as well as sand in the colors of your choice. By pouring the different colors of sand into the glass block during the ceremony, you and your partner forever symbolize the start of your life together.

A popular set we offer includes you and your partner's first names accented by the initial of your last name. Regardless of your design wishes, we strive to ensure that you receive the personalized set within three weeks after ordering and payment. All customization of the blocks and pouring vases is done by hand, and we've recently purchased a UV printer to further speed up the process. Each two-person set comes with 3 pounds of sand. If you'd like enough sand to fill the entire block, simply order an additional 2 pounds.

Glass and Sand Unity Set for LaRhonda and Anthony

High-Quality Materials

Many brides and grooms choose to match their sand to the colors of their home interior in order to create a stunning decorative piece for their home after the ceremony is over. Unlike the traditional candle unity sets, our glass and sand sets are seen for years. To ensure that your set lasts, we use only the finest materials. Our handmade sets feature permanent artwork created with durable ink, as opposed to the vinyl decals used by other companies. All of our items are made in North America, and our glass blocks are made in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Each glass block measures 7.5 inches by 7.5 inches, and the sand-pouring vases are 7.5 inches high.

Framed Unity Sand Set, Blended Family Unity Sand Set

Perfect for Your Big Day

No two couples are the same, so no two weddings are the same. We are dedicated to completely customizing your unity ceremony set to perfectly complement the colors and theme of your wedding. We're more than happy to create sets for a variety of ceremony types, including same-sex weddings, vow renewals, and wedding anniversaries. Our customers have requested an exciting variety of themes, including a firefighter-themed wedding for which we imprinted a firefighter helmet on the glass! We work closely with the bride and groom to find out exactly what they're looking for. Themes we've created in the past include:

• Traditional
• Rustic
• Woodland
• Baseball
• Beach
• Vintage
• Backyard BBQ
• Leos in Love
• Birthstone Colors
• Shabby Chic
• Fishing

Blended Family Unity Sand Sets

The blending of two different groups of people into a single family is a beautiful process. Represent your new family with one of our blended family sets. Each person—parents and children alike—is able to choose his or her own favorite color to mix together. Our most popular set features the words "Together we make a Family." These sets come with five pounds of sand, which is enough to fill the entire glass block.

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